One Woman's War and Peace

One Woman's War and Peace

A nurse's journey in the Royal Australian Air Force

von: Sharon Bown

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Sharon Bown's remarkable 16-year career with the Royal Australian Air Force saw her deployed to East Timor, Bali and Afghanistan. She also served for a year as Aide-de-Camp to the Minister for Defence. From barely surviving a helicopter crash to commanding a combat surgical team, Sharon's journey is a confronting, but ultimately inspirational, account of what our men and women in the military experience, and the price they pay for their service.
Wing Commander Sharon Bown (Retd.) completed her Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Tasmania in 1995. She joined the RAAF as a Nursing Officer in 1999. During her service, she served overseas in East Timor and Afghanistan and was the commander of a surgical team deployed to Afghanistan in 2008.

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