CFD Modeling and Simulation in Materials Processing

CFD Modeling and Simulation in Materials Processing

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von: Laurentiu Nastac, Lifeng Zhang, Brian G. Thomas, Adrian S. Sabau, Nagy El-Kaddah, Adam C. Powell, Herve Combeau

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Proceedings of a symposium sponsored by Association for Iron and Steel Technologyandthe Process Technology and Modeling Committee of the Extraction and Processing Divisionandthe Solidification Committee of the Materials Processing and Manufacturing Division of TMS (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society)Held during the TMS 2012 Annual Meeting & Exhibition Orlando, Florida, USA, March 11-15, 2012
Preface xi Editors xiii CFD Modeling and Simulation in Materials Processing CFD Modeling in Materials Processing I Fluid Flow, Solidification and Inclusion Entrapment during Steel Centrifugal Casting Process 3 L Zhang, Y. Wang, E. Martinez, and K. Peaslee A Micro-Macro Model of a PEM Fuel Cell System 17 T. Paramadhayalan, H. Pimpalgaonkar, and S. Sundarraj Modeling the Effects of Tool Geometries on the Temperature Distributions and Material Flow of Friction Stir Aluminum Welds 25 H. Mohanty, M. Mahapatra, P. Kumar, and P. Jha Understanding Fuming during Metal Refining by CFD 33 J. Olsen, M. Naess, and G. Tranell CFD-Based Modelling on Interfacial Heat Transfer for Water Quenching 41 G Wang and Y. Rong Fuzzy Extraction Separation Optimized Process of Tm, Yb and Lu Enriched Oxides by Computer Simulation 49 F. Yang, S. Yang, L. Wu, C. Tong, and M. Li CFD Modeling in Materials Processing II Multi-Physics Modeling of Molten Salt Transport in Solid Oxide Membrane (SOM) Electrolysis and Recycling of Magnesium 57 A. Powell, andS. Pati Numeric Modeling for the Carbothermic Aluminum Process 65 D. Roha A Coupled CFD-PBE Approach Applied to the Simulation of the Inclusion Behavior in a Steel Ladle. 73 J. Bel lot, V. De Felice, L Us Alves Daoud, A. Jardy, and S. Hans Multiphysics CFD Modeling of a Free Falling Jet during Melt-Blowing Slag Fiberization 81 D. Gerogiorgis, D. Panias, and I. Paspaliaris Numerical Simulation of Erosion Using Computational Fluid Dynamics 89 H. Grewal, H. Singh, and A. Agarwal Modeling of Melting and Remelting Processes A Multiscale Transient Modeling Approach for Predicting the Solidification Structure in VAR Processed Alloy 718 Ingots 99 L. Nastac A Multiscale Model for the Simulation of V.A.R. Ingot Solidification 107 M Revil-Baudard, A. Jardy, F. Leclerc, M. Zaloznik, V. Rebeyrolle, and H. Combeau Mathematical Modeling of Fluid Dynamics and Vessel Vibration in the AOD Process 115 C. Wuppermann, A. Rückert, H. Pfeifer, H. Odenthal, and E. Hovestädt Solute Redistribution, Liquid/Solid Interface Instability, and Initial Transient Regions during the Unidirectional Solidification of Ti-6-4 and Ti-17 Alloys 123 L. Nastac Numerical Analysis of Electromagnetic Field in an Electroslag Remelting Process with Three-Phases Electrodes 131 B. Li, F. Wang, and M. Shan Influence of the Frequency of the Applied AC Current on the Electroslag Remelting Process 139 A. Kharicha, M. Wu, A. Ludwig, M. Ramprecht, and H. Holzgruber Modeling of Casting and Solidification Processes I Modeling of Multiscale and Multiphase Phenomena in Material Processing 149 A. Ludwig, A. Kharicha, and M. Wu 2D and 3D Numerical Modeling of Solidification Benchmark of Sn-3wt.% Pb Alloy under Natural Convection 163 R. Boussaa, L. Hachani, B. Saadi, X. Wang, O. Budenkova, K. Zaidat, H. Ben Hadid, and Y. Fautrelle Numerical Modeling of the Interaction between a Foreign Particle an Solidifying Crystalline Interface 171 E. Agaliotis, M. Rosenberger, A. Ares, and C Schvezov Optimization of Tensile Test Pattern for Aluminum Alloys 179 E. Tan, A. Riza Tarakcilar, F. Syvertsen, and D. Dispinar Modeling of Casting and Solidification Processes II Modeling of Centrifugal Casting Processes with Complex Geometries 189 N. Humphreys, D. McBride, N. Croft, D. Shevchenko, N. Green, and M. Cross CFD Modeling of Microstructural Development in the Scanning Laser Epitaxy Process 197 R. Acharya, R. Bansal, J. Gambone, and S. Das Numerical Simulation of Macro-shrinkage and Micro-shrinkage in A356 Sand Mold Castings 205 L. Nastac Defect Analysis by Casting Simulation Software in Rolling Roll Manufactured by GGG70 213 E. Tan, A. Riza Tarakcilar, and D. Dispinar SPH Model Approach Used to Predict Skin Inclusions into Semisolid Metal Castings 219 F. Pineau, and G. D'Amours Vibrations Induced Flow in a Horizontal Centrifugal Casting 227 A. Kharicha, J. Bohacek, A. Ludwig, and M. Wu Inverse Modeling for Determination of Thermal Properties of the Investment Casting Ceramic Mold 235 M Xu, S. Lekakh, V. Richards, and S. Dutler Electromagnetic and Ultrasonic Processing of Materials Modeling Magnetically Excited and Magnetically Damped Liquid Metal Flow 245 V. Bojarevics, and K. Pericleous Numerical Analysis of the Influence of Melting and Application of Electromagnetic Stirring Prior to Solidification on Macrosegregation Formation during Casting of a Binary Alloy 253 K. Omdal Tveito, M. M'Hamdi, H. Combeau, M. Zaloznik, K. Zaidat, X. Wang, B. Saadi, and Y. Fautrelle Multiscale Modeling of Ingot Solidification Structure Controlled by Electromagnetic and Ultrasonic Stirring Technologies 261 L. Nastac Modeling the Case Hardening of Crankshafts 269 T. Munikamal, and S. Sundarraj Modeling of Steelmaking Processes Transport and Entrapment of Particles in Steel Continuous Casting 279 B. Thomas, Q. Yuan, R. Liu, S. Mahmood, and R. Chaudhaty Mathematical Modeling of a Compressible Oxygen Jet Interacting with a Free Surface in a Basic Oxygen Furnace for Steel Production 287 K. Pericleous, B. Lebon, G. Djambazov, and M. Patel CFD Model for Prediction of Liquid Steel Temperature in Ladle during Steel Making and Casting 295 A. Tripathi, J. Saha, J. Singh, and S. Ajmani Multiphase Flow in a Steelmaking Converter Using an Unconventional Lance 303 M. Barron, I. Hilerio, and A. de Ita Fluid Flow and Inclusion Removal in Multi-Strand Tundish with Nozzle Blockage 311 P. Jha, S. Mishra, S. Sharma, S. Ajmani, and M. Mahapatra CFD Modeling of Fluid Flow Behavior and Bath Surface Deformation in LD Converter 319 T. Kundu, and S. Pal Effect of Thermal Buoyancy Force on the Flow, Temperature Distribution and Residence Time Distribution of Molten Steel in the Slab Casting Tundish 327 H. Sun, B. Y an, andJ. Zhang Time Zone Analysis of F-Curve for Intermixing during Ladle Change-Over 335 P. Jha, S. Kant, P. Kumar, and A. Kumar Author Index 343 Subject Index 345

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