Bible Studies on the Jewish People, the Land of Israel, the City of Jerusalem, and Mount Zion
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von: Stefan Haas

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What does it mean to be "chosen"? Why does God choose a people – a land, a city, and a mountain? What are His plans? And: Has history really proven the fact that this nation was chosen?
In John 4:22, Jesus says to a gentile woman, "You do not know what you worship; but we know what we worship; for salvation is from the Jews."
"Chosen" – this book digs deeply into the subject, looking for answers through in-depth Bible studies. It touches many sensitive issues concerning the Jewish people, the land of Israel, the city of Jerusalem, and Mt. Zion. There is a special emphasis on the relationship between Israel and the nations.
The book does not shy away from controversial questions! And so it serves to find enlightening and helpful answers in the Word of God.
Table of content

What Others Have to Say about this Book

1. The Covenant with Abraham
1.1 From the Beginning of Time to Abraham
1.2 Abraham's Calling
1.3 Later Stages of Abraham's Path

2. The Promised Land
2.1 Isaac
2.2 Jacob
2.3 Joseph
2.4 Moses
2.5 Joshua
2.6 The Time of Judges and Kings
2.7 The Prophets
2.7.1 Joel
2.7.2 Isaiah
2.7.3 Jeremiah
2.7.4 Obadiah
2.7.5 Ezekiel
2.7.6 Daniel
2.7.7 Zechariah
2.7.8 Nehemiah
2.8 Conclusions
2.9 What does the New Testament have to say about the promise of land?
2.10 So that Scripture Would be Fulfilled
2.11 Announcing the Destruction of Jerusalem

3. The Covenants
3.1 The Hebrew Lexical Field
3.2 The Covenant with Noah
3.3 The Covenant with Abraham
3.4 The Covenant with Moses and the People of Israel
3.5 The History of the Ark of the Covenant
3.6 A New Covenant
3.7 Which Covenant?

4. The Chosen People
4.1 Abraham and Isaac – The Son of Promise
4.2 Isaac and Jacob – The Chosen One
4.3 Jacob and the Twelve Tribes – the Chosen People
4.4 What kind of relationship does God have with the Jewish people?
4.5 The Beloved
4.6 The Firstborn
4.7 Servant of God
4.7.1 What does it mean to be a "servant of God"?
4.7.2 Where can we see Israel's calling?
4.7.3 A Special Calling
4.7.4 A Special Story
4.7.5 A Special Revelation
4.7.6 The People of Israel in the Book of Revelation
4.7.7 A Special Price
4.7.8 What does this mean for us?
4.8 Occupied Places
4.9 What is the Letter to the Romans?
4.10 Amalek and the Origins of Antisemitism
4.11 A Hidden Message in the Book of Esther?
4.12 Neither Jew nor Greek?

5. Jerusalem and Mount Zion
5.1 Abraham and Jerusalem
5.2 Jerusalem's Further History until David
5.3 David and Jerusalem
5.4 Mount Zion
5.5 El Elyon
5.6 End-Time Prophecies about Israel
5.7 Excursus on How to Treat Prophetic Words
5.8 Central Focus of Biblical End-Time Prophecies about Jerusalem
5.8.1 Focus 1: The Final Battle
5.8.2 Focus 2: Topographic Changes
5.8.3 Focus 3: A Change of Heart in the Gentiles
5.8.4 Focus 4: Prayer Revival in Jerusalem
5.9 The Valley of Decision
5.10 Thoughts on Chapter 5

6. What Does the New Testament Have to Say about Election?
6.1 The Family Trees of Jesus
6.2 "… so that Scripture would be fulfilled"
6.3 Jesus and the Torah
6.4 Jesus' Commission, at First Exclusively to the People Israel
6.5 What Jesus Thought about Election
6.6 The New Covenant
6.7 The Great Commission of Jesus and the Calling to be a Servant of God
6.8 Jesus' Response to the Scribes, Pharisees, and Sadducees
6.9 Warning of a False Assurance of Salvation
6.10 Other Quotes from the New Testament
6.11 Summary of Chapter 6

7. "Chosen"– a Summary
7.1 How do we position ourselves in the Middle East conflict?
7.2 The Election of the Jewish People
7.3 Election from a Jewish Point of View

Appendix 1: Quotes on Anti-Judaism in Church History
Appendix 2: Independence Day Declaration
Stefan Haas is married to Dorothee and they have three children. He has a degree in theology and is pastor of TOS Church in Leipzig (an evangelical free church), which he founded in 1998 together with his wife and a team.

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