Economic Writings

Economic Writings

Selections 1904-1945
Vienna Circle Collection, Band 23

von: Th.E Uebel, Otto Neurath, Robert S. Cohen

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Veröffentl.: 03.03.2006
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This book makes available for the first time in English a substantial part of Otto Neurath's economic writings. The essays and small monographs translated here extend from his student years to his last ever finished piece. They chart not only Neurath's varied interests in the economic history of antiquity, in war economics and schemes for the socialisation of peacetime economies, in the theory of welfare measures and social indicators and in issues of the theory of collective choice, but also show his philosophical interests emerging in his contributions to seminal debates of the German Social Policy Association. This volume shows that Neurath's important contributions to the socialist calculation debate are but one aspect of a many-sided and original oeuvre. The translations are preceded by an introductory essay by one of the editors which contextualises the selections by locating them in the various debates of the time that provided their original setting.
This book is of interest to economists, philosophers of social science and of economics as well as to historians of philosophy of science and of analytic philosophy.
Editor's and Translator's Note.- Introduction.- Neurath's Economics in Critical Context; T.E. Uebel.- Part 1: Studies in Ancient and Modern Economic History.- 1. Interest on Money in Antiquity (1904). 2. Economic History of Antiquity [Excerpts] (1909/18). 3. War Economy (1910). 4. Serbia's Success in the Balkan War [1912] (1913). 5. State Cartels and Trusts as Organisational Forms of the Future (1910). 6. The Economic Order of the Future and Economic Science (1917). Part 2: Early Contributions to the Theory of Economics and Social Science.- 7. On the Theory of Social Science (1910). 8. Interventions in the Debates of the Social Policy Association. (I) Remarks on the Productivity of Money (1909). (II) The Place of Value Judgement in Economics (1913). 9. Economics in Kind, Calculation in Kind and War Economics (1916). 10. The Conceptual Structure of Economics and its Foundation (1917). Part 3: Socialisation Theory.- 11. A System of Socialization (1920). 12. Total Socialisation (1920). 13. Economic Plan and Calculation in Kind (1925). 14. Socialist Utility Calculation and Capitalist Profit Calculation (1925). Part 4: Economics and Social Science in Unified Science.- 15. The Current Growth in Global Productive Capacity (1931). 16. Sociological Predictions (1936). 17. Inventory of the Standard of Living (1937). 18. Late Reflections on the Theory of Planning. (I) Planning or Managerial Revolution? (1943). (II) Ways of Life in a World Community (1944). (III) Alternatives to Market Competition (1945). 19. After Six Years (1946). Name Index.

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