Global Business Success

Global Business Success

Leadership Skills You Need for Global Business

von: Michael Wynne

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Veröffentl.: 24.08.2019
ISBN/EAN: 9781543979107
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Why business owners, CEO's and executives will want to read this book. Our national economic annual growth has been so low in recent years that many companies cannot survive at that rate. That is why they are deciding to take their businesses global. But, the majority of today's business owners, CEO's and executives are not aware of the risks, challenges and dangers they will face in the new global markets. They don't realize how many billions of dollars companies have lost due to their inexperience.
This book's content is about the adventure of an executive with no international experience who is sent to manage an overseas company, it shows business readers how to safely handle these and many other international business challenges. Plus, Global Business Success requires building better international business relationships in different cultures. Book's Content: the adventure of George Hurley, a production executive with no international experience. He is sent to manage an overseas company. The book shows business readers how to safely handle many international business challenges.

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