Bibulous En-Counters


Bibulous En-Counters

1. Aufl.

von: Jay P. Keller

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Veröffentl.: 19.01.2022
ISBN/EAN: 9783754387825
Sprache: englisch
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Dieses eBook enthält ein Wasserzeichen.


With the title, the author alludes to what is probably the most decisive piece of furniture in a bar, namely the counter, over which countless drinks are pushed from the bartender to the customer each night.

In his first work in the genre of the short story - and influenced by probably the most famous customer in the bars of this world, Ernest Hemingway - Jay P. Keller describes stories of everyday life, which take a continuation at the bar counter, but never their end.

A truly fine collection for the 21st century short story aficionado.
Jay P. Keller:
Jay (Jürg) P. Keller was born in Zurich, Switzerland and studied Americanism, Italian Literature and Journalism at Zurich University and worked in the West Hartford Public School System (Connecticut, U.S.A.) as a teacher of foreign languages.

His publications so far contain a non-fiction study on The American Dream Gone Astray (his Ph. D. thesis), two Grammar Companions for the learners of English and a collection of poems, Logomumaints.

At the moment, Doctor Keller lectures at different schools in the Engadin and leads guided tours to places of interest throughout the U.S.A.

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