Nomocratic Pluralism

Nomocratic Pluralism

Plural Values, Negative Liberty, and the Rule of Law
Palgrave Studies in Classical Liberalism

von: Kenneth B. McIntyre

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This book is a contribution to the ongoing conversation about value pluralism and its relation to political life. Its uniqueness lies in its insistence that the acceptance of value pluralism involves placing certain limitations on what is an acceptable form of government and what functions governments ought to be legitimately performing. In a new approach coined “nomocratic pluralism,” this volume argues that liberty under the rule of law, which is not merely liberty where the law is silent, is a key concept of liberty and cannot be subsumed by the other primary implications of the acceptance of value pluralism: that political communities must reject positive liberty as a political value, and place a high, but not absolute, priority on negative liberty as a political value. The concept of liberty under the rule of law is particularly suited to accommodate a great variety of individual and group conceptions of value and the moral good, and thus, along with negative liberty, should be a primary value for those who accept value pluralism.
1)    Introduction (Chapter 1) 2)    Pluralism (Section One)

a)    Epistemological pluralism (Chapter 2)

i)      Modality distinctions

ii)     Logical category distinctions

b)    Value pluralism

i)      Critique of monism (Chapter 3)

ii)     Incompatibility of values/value systems (Chapter 4)

iii)    Incommensurability of values/value systems (Chapter 5)

iv)   Practical Reason and Moral Choices (Chapter 6)

3)    Liberalism and Pluralism (Section Two)

a)    Pluralist liberalism—Berlin, Hampshire, et al. (Chapter 7)

(1)  Negative liberty as one value among many

(2)  Positive liberty not really liberty

b)    Modus Vivendi liberalism—Gray, McCabe, et al. (Chapter 8)

(1)  Negative liberty not necessarily important

(2)  Positive liberty not necessarily important

c)    Nomocratic liberalism—(Chapter 9)

(1)  Negative liberty as primary value

(2)  Positive liberty not really liberty; dangerous to negative liberty and to liberty under rule of law

(3)  Liberty under rule of law as third concept of liberty

(4)  Toleration as primary political virtue—toleration as putting up with something which find distasteful, not as approbation

d)    Further implications—(Chapter 10)

i)      The place and character of politics in a nomocratic state

ii)     Dealing with monistic individuals and groups in a pluralist society

iii)    Value pluralism, Nomocratic liberalism, and international relations

4)    Conclusion (Chapter 11)

Kenneth B. McIntyre is Professor of Political Science at Sam Houston State University, USA. His other books include The Limits of Political Theory (2004), Herbert Butterfield (2011), and Critics of Enlightenment Rationalism (2020).
“Kenneth McIntyre’s Nomocratic Pluralism: Plural Values, Negative Liberty, and the Rule of Law is an excellent critique of many of the misconceptions spread by analytic philosophy about the nature of morality. It demonstrates, in exquisite detail, why so many analytic philosophers’ work in this area cannot and does not reflect the realities of how people reach moral decisions while living peacefully with each other, nor do they provide any positive guidance for improving society or government. This book provides a coherent and realistic philosophical explanation of why nomocratic pluralism and negative liberty provide the only stable way of enabling peace and tolerance among different moral views in a plural society.” —Nicholas Capaldi, Legendre-Soulé Chair in Business Ethics and Professor of Management, Loyola University New Orleans, USA


“Kenneth B. McIntyre’s Nomocratic Pluralism couldn’t come at a more important time. As society fractures, journalism disintegrates into rank sensationalism and faux outrage, and public discourse degenerates into angry threats and shouting matches, the importance of nomocratic order and value pluralism is all the more apparent. We need to accommodate differences and diversity to avoid violence and coercion. McIntyre’s astute reasoning is an important step in that direction.”

—Allen Mendenhall, Allen Mendenhall, Associate Dean, Thomas Goode Jones School of Law, Faulkner University, USA  

“A very useful and original contribution to the study of morality from a philosophical/political theory perspective. McIntyre’s work far outstrips recent scholarship and presents a coherent view of the field and cogent criticisms based on the realities of human interaction and in context with functional and functioning governmental habits. I very much enjoyed reading this book.”

—Nadia E. Nedzel, Reilly Family Professor of Law, Southern University Law Center, USA  

“McIntyre's incisive study of our current political climate rejects the moral monism that remains the dominant approach to cultural conflict and contributes to the poisonous discourse that characterizes the twenty-first century. Our politics offers the impression of pluralism, to the extent that diverse viewpoints exist, but these views tend to reject the legitimacy of their political rivals. In a move reminiscent of Aristotle's ethics, McIntyre attempts to carve out a path to real political pluralism and human flourishing through the development of practical reasoning and connoisseurship, which involves not only expertise but also sincere concern for solving cultural problems rather than promoting a single way of life.”

—Jack Simmons, Professor of Philosophy, Georgia Southern University, USA


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